MEKTANK 25 years of engineering experience, the Heat Instruments MODULAR WATER TANKS, an organization in Turkey and the world leader with 35 years experience in manufacturing MEKSIS Inc. By combining, in this area ENGINEERING, SELLING, INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE serves services. Currently, Turkey and Industry Plant in 5000 on the world, well over 25,000 residential and workplace related products that are being used with success MEKSIS production ENGINEERING, SELLING, INSTALLATION AND TECHNICAL SERVICES offers. Our quality policy Development and able to adapt to changing technology, which adopts the principle of customer satisfaction, with our integrated engineering approach, our customers' demands and expectations to fully meet, by adapting to changing all the conditions for the sector, without compromising our quality management system and technical requirements, as respecting the rules of professional ethics, the firm our sector tuck between the leaders and to continuously improve our system by complying with the terms of our quality management system is our quality policy. our vision Customer-oriented, integrated engineering services approach, strong customer demand with a steady growth target in both Turkey and international markets in the coming years is to become a company that can fully meet every scale. Our mission Our contracts with our customers within, the services we have promised, by completing the demanding standards set forth in the integrated engineering approach within the budget and time is to create a lasting satisfaction to meet our customers' expectations. Our Objectives 1. adapt to competitive conditions in the market. 2. to be among the leaders in the sector. 3. In order to operate in the international market 4. Healthy and perform a planned real growth of 5 to place the company in total quality management practices within 6 completely fulfilling our commitments in the framework of our contract.

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